5 Effective Ways to Market Products on Amazon

5 Effective Ways to Market Products on AmazonThere is a large amount of competition on Amazon, with the massive amount of sellers available, competition is stiff and in order to stay at the top there are a things needed to maintain top spaces.  Some options for marketing include;

1 – Amazon Sponsored Products

Sponsored products can be found within the Product manager tab of seller central. This is tool is one which is similar to one which helps in building campaigns on Google AdWords, or BingAds. For sponsored products campaigns can be created which automatically set start and end dates as well as daily budget. The process of reporting and analyzing is a lot more detailed as compared to other adds which have been available for longer.

2 – Amazon Headlining Search Ads

Headline search ads can be found in the campaign manager tab of seller central. This is a fairly new feature as Amazon is still adjusting the functionality and reporting of this option. Fairly positive results have been seen with these search ads as compared to traditional sponsored ads.

3 – Amazon Lightning Deals

For professional sellers, there are lightning deal options which allow them to create a deal under the advertising tab within seller central. There a number of limited time sales which Amazon posts in for the purpose of driving up sales. In order to have a lightning fast deals there are a number of guidelines to keep in mind.

4 – Amazon Coupons

The coupon feature is easily found under the advertising tab in seller central. It allows sellers to create coupons for any given product or a group of products. This offers additional savings to customers without the seller having to run an item on sale. Coupons can either be redeemed in the form of money or a percentage off of the purchase. Customers can be limited to one coupon each as well as allow multiple options. Customers see coupons in the SERP (search engine results page) as well as the listing page for items. After checking a box the customer can simply apply the coupon at checkout.

5 – Amazon Promotions

Promotions are available under the advertising tab in seller central. There are a number of different promotions that are available to sellers. They include;

    1. Social media promos: it offers a select percentage off and links to a person’s social media account. Customers are able to click directly on the offer and checkout without even having to enter a promo code.
    2. Buy one get one (BOGO): customers get buy one get one free offers.
    3. Free shipping: offers customers the options to save up on a couple of dollars near checkout.
    4. Give aways: it is for those looking to increase their social media following in a clever way with keepsakes for their buyers.
    5. Percentage off: Offers customers the option to advertise a particular product as reduced.