A Complete Guide to Increase Your Product Sales on Amazon

A Complete Guide to Increase Your Product Sales on Amazon

With over 20 years in the business, Amazon has had humble beginnings as an online book store. Now it’s the world’s biggest internet retailers. There is about $88,000 being spent on the site on a global basis. There are also a number of tips and tricks which are guaranteed to help increase sales. Some of them include;

1 – Getting Reviews

Customer reviews have extreme power, with about 88% of people now trusting online reviews as they would personal recommendations. By going beyond the obvious and finding reviews that contain media, the authenticity of the brand increases. If there is a steady number of locals who like a product of service there is a higher chance that more people would choose to work with them. 

More than 90% buyers don’t leave feedback and for that purpose, having programs like feedback five can be extremely helpful to eradicate negative and neutral comments before they jeopardize the brand. Amazon stresses the importance of performance by the seller during product positioning and ranking. 

2 – Free Giveaways

Giveaways end up having significant advantages in the long run because they allow users to test out products and think that they received more for their purchase. Offer customers a 99% discount code in exchange for a review, this will instantly increase your search ranking in Amazon and will hopefully ensure that those customers prefer you the next time they wish to make a purchase. Another way to get rid of old product and inventory is by offering it up for free as a gesture of good will with each purchase. This ensures that they are more likely to come back to you the next time they wish to make a purchase. Linking your own Amazon Seller Central account with other sales channels allows users to identify items and better manage inventory on a regular basis.

3 – Improve Product Optimization

Alongside seller rating and price, Amazon also considers keywords in a product’s title in an attempt to rank listings. Amazon’s stuffing option for titles helps increase sales. With product titles there is a 500 character word limit which allows sellers to include as many keywords as possible to ensure that the product is visible to as many customers as possible. Amazon suggests sellers to also add product and brand discriptionn, material, color, size and quality in this field to ensure transparency. 

Additionally, using Amazon’s keyword tool which employs autocomplete service, helps find long tail popular keywords from 1 to 10. Export ones that seem fit and add them to Google’ Keywords Planner Tool where the search volume of these keywords can be gauged. 

4 – Find Advertising

Try looking for Amazon sponsored products. This option enables users products to be displayed below in the search results within the right handed column, or within the detail pages. 

5 – Discounts

Discounts are one of the best possible ways to convert highly motivated buyers to build long lasting relationships with the seller. Getting daily deals with significant discounts can help them land the first position in the product category which opens up the possibility of appearing on the Amazon home page under the “Hot Deals” sections as well as the “New & Noteworthy” section. In this section enormous  amounts of traffic is generated.