A Complete Guide to Sky Rocketing Your Online Sales

A Guide to Sky Rocket Online SalesThe idea that a checklist or process exists which can be applied to exponentially increase sales seems too good to be true, however it is the truth. This checklist works in every category, regardless of the business in question.  Some of those steps include;

Step 1: Begin With Measurable Goals

After the intent to follow the checklist and steps has been made, site owners should begin with measurable goals, whether that is selling books, gaining subscribers etc.

  • Without a focused outlook, success is hard to achieve
  • Something systematically immeasurable cannot be improved upon

Begin with the specific goals in mind and make sure web analytics software’s are working on the side lines to track the goals in question.

Step 2: Create Buyer Personas

The more people begin to feel that an offer is worth the hassle to them; the more likely they are to take up on it. For example, a user who wishes to purchase running shoes will benefit from factoring in their

  • Age
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Gender
  • The path they normally run on

By doing so they eliminate the possibility of choosing a type of shoe that will hinder their progress.  By successfully identifying customer groups, their needs and requirements, a company can successfully market its product with success. Having a buyers group is essentially the same as separating a specific group of potential customers who are archetypal to an owner’s research and growth. They help companies target their offers in a better way and make them easier to resonate, helping companies win more sales under their belt.

Essentially it’s about having information and about knowing whom the person is selling to, their needs, hesitations and their situation. The company is aware of the demographic they are selling to and they will be in a much better situation to sell them in.

Step 3: Drive Relevant Traffic

Driving relevant traffic generally means

  • Being able to communicate messages
  • Effectively targeting the right people

It’s almost impossible to sell anything to users if they fail to find a reason for it. The best possible ingredient of a high conversion is relevant traffic. As a marketer one of the biggest jobs is to find the right marketing tactics

  • The right message
  • The right kind of offer
  • The right kind of media

If the media is right and the traffic relevant and the value proposition is right for the audience, this is when customer personas come into play and help to market the service or product and to potential customers.

Step 4: Design a Site

A beautiful design will help to sell better than a site which has an ugly design. It’s not that a beautiful design is laden with bells or decorations, often times it is very simple and sophisticated. Big companies like Nike or Apple know that investing millions into designs is not for the thrill of it; it is because it ends up selling better.

Step 5: Understand Buying Frequency

Understanding the phases of buying is about understanding the way in which people work. Largely, customers tend to fall into three groups in total.

  • Those who have problems but don’t know about it
  • Those who compare prices and research different options
  • People who have made the decision to buy a product

Depending upon an industry, there are a few additional groups. Using customer reviews is a good way to understand the different phases your buyers are in.

Each group has to be sold to differently. Since the problem they face needs to be understood first. Others who research or have made the decision to buy are ones who require added attention.