Difference Between Cloud, VPS and Dedicated Web Hosting Platforms

Cloud, VPS and Dedicated Website Hosting Platforms

The future of web hosting in the 21st century is sure to be virtual private servers (VPS). Its speed, performance, functionality and flexibility rival that of dedicated servers that are available in the market today. The main difference is that, as compared to dedicated servers, VPS’s come at a fraction of the cost. One of the biggest reasons why someone would consider shifting to VPS, over other traditional web hosting options is if they planned to add additional system resources into their domain.

1. Cloud Hosting:

Cloud hosting is an entirely different ball game and is thought to resemble renting in some way. With the more traditional version of web hosting, users are given resources like CPU time and memory. However when it comes to cloud hosting, there is no machine the hardware is virtual and this brings about a cool new host of benefits. It is highly advanced and cost-efficient when compared to other available types of hosting.


  • Users only pay for the features they use
  • The server itself is flexible
  • It is scalable and efficient
  • When more server space is needed, users can manually increase it as per their discretion


  • Requires advanced IT knowledge
  • It is potentially insecure as a hosting platform. It is susceptible to cyber attacks

2. VPS:

The Virtual Private Server is one in which the server is shared among websites. However, not all resources are to be shared. In this kind of web hosting, shared resources are always split evenly. Once a user goes over their limit, their website might go down but other users on the server will not be affected by this over consumption.


  • Not all resources are required to be shared
  • VPS hosting is more powerful as compared to shared hosting due to its scalability, performance and speed
  • It is more flexible and allows users to make changes without effecting other users


  • It is more expensive as compared to shared hosting
  • The setup process requires a more technologically savvy mind

3. Dedicated:

In this kind of webhosting, each user’s resources are shared only to them. With this kind of hosting, no other websites have access to share resources with your server, CPU time or even memory.


  • No sharing of resources are possible
  • Users are granted full control and customization freedom on their sites


  • It is the most expensive kind of webhosting that is available
  • The setup and management is more technical and requires prior understanding to manage and control
  • Users are required to manage any issues and daily maintenance on their own
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