Difference Between Managed and UnManaged Web Hosting

Managed Hosting vs UnManaged HostingThere are two main options to consider when considering purchasing a Web host that is to choose either a managed or unmanaged option. Both options are fundamentally the same but differ in terms of the kind of services and web hosting offers to their clients.

If a client chooses to go with the un-managed plan, the service provider they employ will set up their accounts, forward mails and make any major future changes that need to be done to the site. While, in managed web hosting most of the ground work will be done for them.

1 – Managed Web Hosting

If the client chooses the managed web hosting plan, their web hosting provider is the one who is responsible for security, maintenance, and configurations and software updates that take place for the client’s server. This company can have an expert manage the server while they are able to focus their attention, solely on their brand, their customers and their business growth.

Managed web hosting offers customers the options to work with as little effort as possible when it comes to setting up and monitoring. This is because these fall under the job description of the service provider.

The best kind of website hosting providers offer their customers the option to choose between both managed and unmanaged web hosting plans, with tailor made details curated specifically for them. The legwork is the responsibility of the host in these cases. All upgrades and set-ups are managed by the technologically savvy team that waits at the client’s beck and call to take care of any faults or errors. They are also responsible for minimizing downtime on the website.


  • Little to no downtime issues within the fault-tolerant mechanism and resilient infrastructure
  • Better security with timely scans, security packages and upgrades as per requirement
  • Available website security patches for potential attacks
  • 24/7 web hosting support


  • The cost of managing this system is in no way cheap. Managed web hosting is more expensive as compared to its un-managed counterpart
  • No change allowed in operating systems with some web hosting provides
  • Time consuming initial setup

2 – UnManaged Web Hosting

Unmanaged or self-managed web hosting is appropriate for people who are more tech savvy and have a firmer understanding of Windows and Linus Command Line. With unmanaged web hosting, users will be provided the web hosting itself but will have to update customize and manage the server all on their own.

Unmanaged web hosting is an investment which cannot be used immediately. It requires finishing and understanding of components. Otherwise it will create a number of issues for users. This kind of web hosting is not ideal for use by beginners. However one of the biggest perks of choosing an unmanaged web hosting is the flexibility of being able to custom design and build the web hosting to suit the customer’s individual needs and requirements.


  • More economical in terms of pricing when compared to a managed server
  • Users are granted complete administrative power and are able to configure it to their own needs and requirements
  • Personal VPN installation is available at user discretion


  • Economically less in comparison to its managed counterpart
  • More downtime issue is expected if the web hosting is not DDoS protected
  • A server manager will be needed to help manage and configure the server with high prices
  • In order to secure a site from potential threats, a security software will have to be added onto the web hosting