A Perfect Digital Marketing Campaign to Boost Your eCommerce Store Sales

Digital Marketing To Boost eCommerce Sales

It is a given that every online store wishes to increase organic traffic towards their content. However that is easier said than done. Even with basic strategies in place, it can become rather challenging to decipher and decide upon the best possible marketing tactics to employ for successful purchases.

There are a number of guaranteed digital marketing campaign tricks that will help drive sales up, if they are implemented in every step. The ideas themselves are in no way revolutionary, however it is the way in which they are set up and presented which generates returns, including repeated purchases or the establishment of a sound customer base.

Digital Marketing Campaign Tricks to boost eCommerce Store Sales:


  1. Up-Sell:

Up-selling can be a beneficial upgrade which can prove to be even more effective than gaining a new customer. There are times where customers are not aware than premium versions of their purchases are available, and for that purpose, inquiring through creative means is a good reminder system. There are also times where a customer might need to be convinced on why the up scaled product is better than the generic option and will better suit their needs.

It is important to emphasize if there are any differences between products, whether that is if the material is better on one version, or which one is

handmade and which is mass produced.  Remember to emphasize differences to make the up-sell product appear more appealing. Some considerations to keep in mind when thinking of up-selling a product for a sales increase include;

  • Up-sells should be related to the original product in some wayXpezia High Performance Web Hosting
  • Stay sensitive to the price range of customers when setting up prices

The product has to fit the original needs of the clients and have something extra which makes them want to upgrade to a better option. The anchor price that a customer may see might deter them from buying anything more expensive, hence it makes it even more important for the product to be worth the additional cost.

  1. Instagram Integration:

Instagram is the fastest growing social media application around the globe which connects brands, influencers and consumers alike. Another way to attract possible followers after the account is active, is to use hashtags strategically at the right times to increase fan following and create interest within a particular product. In order to have a reliable and organic online presence, it is important to engage with the audience and respond to constructive criticism and requests whenever feasible.

There are a number of ways in which influencers can engage with their audience and some of them include doing contests, showcases and showing behind the scenes content of the product development process. Particularly for eCommerce marketing, it is important to add products to Instagram stories or make posts which provide followers a direct path towards products. This method is the key for increasing online sales.

  1. Reduce Abandoned Carts:

There are numerous studies conducted which show that about 69.23% of users abandon their shopping carts before checking out and the harsh reality is that it costs the brand large amounts of money each time. Users can be nudged to complete the purchase, either by persuading them with discounts & coupons or a basic reminder in case they forgot to check out.

However one of the best ways to eliminate the re occurrence of abandoned carts is through an email recovery campaign. This can convince a visitor to return to the website and complete their original pending purchase. The key to this tactic is to create emails that are enticing and make the visitor return, this can be done by reminding them what they left in their cart in the first place.

  1. Facebook Store Launch:

Regardless of the changes that Facebook has gone through it still remains one of the most stable and viable platforms for digital and eCommerce marketing.

The process to make a purchase through Facebook is extremely straightforward. Facebook even has the option of integrating the Facebook store with Shopify directly. This saves store owners the hassle of keeping a separate inventory.

  1. Send Wish-List Reminder Emails Timely:

One of the best ways to remind customers of their favorite products is by sending them a list filled with their wish listed products. The wish list reminder emails is similar to the abandoned cart email as both are designed to try and convince shoppers to check out and finish the online shopping step from their end.

Sending out emails for wish listed products that are quickly selling out is also a great way to nudge customers to make the purchase. This might be the trigger necessary to make them finally purchase the item in question.