How to Start an Online Business?

How to Start an Online Business Successfully

There are a number of proven steps which can help any business skyrocket their success rate. If a company owns an online store they have a number of advantages over traditional retailers. The biggest one of them being that they can work from any location they prefer and make money using the internet. There are also extremely low startup costs for online business. This makes it the best option for an entrepreneur without a large sum of cash.

Step 1: Find A Hole In The Industry & Fill It

There are many who make the mistake of finding a product before they find the market for it. In order to boost the chance of success, it is important to start with the target market. The biggest trick is to find a group of individuals who are currently trying to figure out a solution to a persisting issue without much luck. Employing the use of the internet can be of great help in this aspect. 

    • Visit forums to see what trending problems are circulating.
    • Perform a keyword search to find popular keywords which not many sites are competing.
    • Assess potential competitors and see what they are doing to fulfill the growing demand. See what they have learned and create a product which is better than those the competition is creating.


Step 2: Write Content Which Sells

Some of the most compelling sales formulas are to incorporate work to take visitors through the selling process from the very moment they arrive at the site. Some ways include;

    • Create interest with a compelling headline.
    • Detail the problem that the product works to solve.
    • Establish credibility in taking care of issues, in the eye of the visitor.
    • Add testimonials from those who have previously used the product.
    • Details the benefits of using the product.
    • Make an offer to the visitor.
    • Offer a strong guarantee to the visitor.
    • Create a sense of urgency.
    • Enquire about the possibility of a sale.

Throughout of the content, it is important to talk about how this particular service or product is able to solve people’s problem, in a unique way. Remember to think like a customer and wonder what good is in it for them if they purchase the product.

Step 3: Design & Build A Fortified Website

Once the target market, product and selling process is nailed down, the third step is to design and build a website. It is the most important aspect because site owners have only about five seconds to grab a visitor’s attention. Some of the most important tips to keep in mind, include;

    • Choose only 1 or 2 fonts on top of a plain white background.
    • Make sure the navigation is clear, simple and consistent on every page.
    • Use graphics, videos and audios to enhance messages.
    • Include a number of opt-in offer to collect email addresses.
    • Make sure products and services are easy to purchase with no more than 2 clicks required till checkout.
    • Make sure the website is customer friendly.


Step 4: Employ The Use Of Search Engines To Drive Targeted Buyers

One of the easiest ways to drive organic traffic towards a site is to use pay-per-click advertising. Employing this has two advantages, first is by using PPC adds which show up immediately, the opportunity to test different keywords, headlines, selling approaches and prices. Not only will users get immediate traffic, they can also use PPC adds to discover the best and highest converting keywords. After which they can sprinkle those keywords into their copy and code, this will help them raise their organic search results. 

Step 5: Establishing An Expert Reputation

By providing free information to the masses, users can see more organic traffic and better search engine rankings. The secret to this is to include links to a person’s site with a few bits of information.

    • Provide free, expert level content by creating articles, content and videos that are deemed useful. This content should be distributed among online article directories or social media sites.
    • Include a number of “send to a friend” links in content on the site.
    • Become active members in industry forums and other social networking sites where the target market audience hangs out.

Step 6: Use Email Marketing To Turn Visitors To Buyers

Building an opt-in list is one of the most valuable assets to any online business. This is because this sign up declares that visitors have given permission to send emails to them and that inevitably means;

    • The site is providing them content, services or products that they desire.
    • They are developing lifelong relationships with them.
    • The responses are 100% measurable.
    • Email marketing is cheaper and more effective than print, TV or radio advertising.