Point of Sale Solution

Accelerate your Business with Xpezia’s Open-Ended & Cloud-Based Point of Sale Solution for WooCommerce Online Stores

We offer a customer-centric Point of Sale System for WooCommerce, which allows store owners the functionality of managing online store along with physical outlet. The physical outlets will have a POS front-end management system for which the admin can designate a store agent to manage the sales and buyers at that particular store efficiently. With Xpezia cloud-based POS, you will get seamless integration of WooCommerce database directly to your website. This way, you won't need any third-party POS software which can likely cause syncing issues, complexity, and rarely proves to be cost-efficient.
Xpezia Cloud Based Point Of Sale System

Cloud Based

Our cloud-based POS System assures your data, such as sales, products, orders, and register settings to be always saved and updated.

Xpezia Cash Management Point Of Sale System

Cash Management

Simple yet powerful cash management tool that helps you manage cash flow. All you need to do is to set your denominations and viola.

Xpezia Barcode Scanning Point of Sale System

Barcode Scanning

Our Barcode Scanning tool enables you to print barcodes for your products and quickly scan at the time of punching bill. There are a plethora of barcodes to choose from.

Advance Features

Load Orders

This feature allows you to load your half-done web orders right to your register and complete it. Choose the status for each loaded order!


Flexibility is what Xpezia is known for. This POS plugin is usable for any type of business or industry.

Sell Anything

You can sell anything, yes, really ANYTHING! Sell off your custom products by adding meta fields such as Color and Size to the product details.


Style your shop's layout to make your brand stand out because unique and state-of-the-art branding is what entice the customers.

Product Add-Ons

Enjoy seamless integration of WooCommerce Product Add-Ons and sell any of your products.

Currency Rounding

Enter the currency unit to which amounts are to be rounded. This plugin ensures that the values in the selected currency are always rounded to this unit.


Xpezia offers you a swift integration with the built-in feature of reporting module in WooCommerce. It allows you to report by register or outlet.

Order Notes

Order Notes help you keep track of your special customers by adding relevant notes to the orders.

Discounts & Coupons

This feature enables you to add offers and discounts in % of your local currency. You can set it for per cart or product. Coupons can also be added.

Decimal Stocks

You can accept and manage decimal stocks for your weight-based products, such as jewelry or staples.

Print & Email Receipts

This lets you print the email receipts automatically. You need to define the number of receipts to be printed, or you can even add a gift receipt.


This feature allows you to add shipment details to the order directly from the register. This way, you can make delivery hassle-free!

Bill Screen

Bill Screen enables your customers to see what they are getting billed. It connects a new tab to an external monitor. No more, over-billing complaints!