Why CDN is Crucial for Your Websites and eCommerce Stores?

Why CDN Important For Website eCommerce

CDN, or a Content Delivery Network is a collection is servers which are distributed across the globe (Cloud Server). These servers store files that are accessed by visitors and are delivered according to the user’s geographic location and origin.

CDN enables eCommerce to safely and swiftly deliver content including files or images, no matter the bandwidth that is present or the user’s location. There are a number of ways in which CDN works and it includes;

  • The ability to copy the website’s pages to networks that are dispersed across different geographical locations
  • The ability to cache the content of the site and redirect users from the initial site, onto a server which is closest to them
  • The ability to deliver the content in communication with the CDN which has not been previously cached

Reasons Why CDN is Crucial

With the intent of accelerating a company’s website, there are a number of reasons why CDN is crucial. Some of them include;

  1. Traditional Web Hosting & Its Inability to Keep Up

The number one disadvantage of web hosts is the distance they possess between them and the client. By employing CDN in a number of areas, there was a 73% decrease in latency across the globe.

  1. Benefits in Performance

CDNs are known for their ability to minimize latency and packet loss. They can deliver assets via the HTTP/2.

  1. SEO Advantages

Having a high page speed is very important for any site which desires to be at the top of Google search results. This is because Google takes into account page speed in its ranking factors. Fast websites are known to have longer duration of time on pages with lower bounce rates.

  1. Affordability

CDN unlike many hosts are affordable and can be installed directly to your website. Most small websites can acquire the services by simply spending a couple of dollars each month. Not only will this not break the bank, but companies can relax and enjoy CDN benefits.

  1. Scalability

CDN give users the flexibility to easily scale up and down on an automatic basis, at the users discretion for larger traffic speeds. The typical CDN has the capacity to handle delivery of assets with about 74% accuracy. This reduces the overall load on the origin server in a considerable manner.

  1. Reliability

CDN has the ability to provide redundancy by successfully routing traffic towards the nearest POP is one of them are to go down. There by making sure that the client’s website is never unavailable. There is nothing worse for a website than to be offline due to technical difficulties, as this can greatly impact sales in a negative manner.

  1. Easy Integration

Companies have no need to worry about compatibility when it comes to incorporating CDN into their sites. CDN has easy integration with almost every kind of platform that is available, from WordPress to Joomla, Magento, Drupal, Kirby or Typo3 etc. This makes it a versatile option for almost every website platform.

  1. Lower Costs

CDN offers lower costs even with their advanced features. Some advanced features that are offered, include hotlink protection and origin shield etc. There are a number of CDN solutions however that charges users large amounts of dollars for this service so it is important to find the right service provider.

  1. Security

CDN helps users secure tokens, migrate DDoS attacks, manage SSL certificates and keep assets secure. By using CDN, companies can ensure encryption between their origin server and the edge server simultaneously.

  1. Increased Conversions

It has been researched that by having even a 1 second delay, there can be conversions delays up to 7%. This can greatly impact a company’s sales. By incorporating CDN, these delays are minimized and a company’s assets are secured.