Why You Should Choose WordPress for Your Website & Online Stores?

Reasons Why Wordpress is Perfect For Website & Online Store

Since its launch in 2003, WordPress has become one of the most popular content management platforms (CMS) in the world. There are more than 74 million sites on WordPress in the current year, with new publishing’s each second. Due to the powerful nature of this tool, it has become a favorite of many businesses. there are a large number of reasons as to why users should switch to WordPress, some of them include;

1. Free Platform

Regardless if the user is a blogger or an online business owner, the 100% free tools that WordPress offers is what makes new users flock towards it on a daily basis. Users have no worries about hidden charges or other miscellaneous fees no matter the popularity of their site. WordPress is also an open source platform which means that users can easily improve or alter their source codes to create the right kind of site to fulfill their needs.

2. Simple Yet Powerful

Unlike other management platforms out in the market currently, WordPress is one which is ready to use right after installation. There are no long configuration requirements or add-on lists to follow after the initial set up takes place.

3. Flexible

The flexibility of WordPress is another one of its award winning features which is second to none. No matter the reason for using WordPress, whether it is serving as a personal blog or a popular commerce site. WordPress is versatile enough to meet any demands the customer throws its way, through the extensive features and extensions it offers.

4. Search Engine Friendly

Most popular search engines actually prefer to showcase sites that are built using WordPress due to the fact that its framework is easy to crawl. There are a number of celebrities who endorse WordPress as well.

5. Secure & Reliable

Due to WordPress’s immense popularity, it is no surprise that it has become a common target for many hackers. However, WordPress understands that its users safety and security is a top priority and for that reason it takes a number of measures to ensure the safe transmission of data from all areas with encryption. While users can practice a number of basic security measures, there are constant WordPress updates within the software itself which works to prevent hackers from getting access to sites. WordPress employs an automatic update feature which has been in place since the release of version 3.7.

6. Customization

Due to the numerous amounts of plugins and themes that WordPress offers its customers, users are able to change themes with the push of a single button. Its seemingly endless features also contribute to its attraction and appeal.

7. User Friendly

One perk of WordPress is its extreme ease of access. The platform itself is extremely user friendly and easy to learn, its navigation can be learned within a matter of minutes at best. This is why it has been dubbed as the “5 minute install”

8. 24/7 Support

WordPress has a support forum which is available to its customers on a constant basis in case they have any issues or queries to resolve. The community is extensive and provides a number of troubleshooting options.

9. Multimedia Hosting

With the addition of images, audio and video files, WordPress is a great platform for enhancing user experience. It has made adding these multimedia files an easy step in any page or post. Not just uploading is user friendly; editing can also be done directly on the Media Library Screen.

10. Responsive & Mobile Friendly

In order to accommodate the rise of using mobile phones for multimedia consumption, WordPress has integrated its site to make it more mobile friendly. This is achieved by having a high responsive rate for themes.