Privacy Policy

In this Privacy Policy:
Xpezia Website means the domain name and any sub-domains.

Commitment to privacy

Xpezia is truly dedicated to preserving your privacy. This Privacy Policy establishes out how we gather, handle, and use the personal data we collect from our future and current visitors, suppliers, clients, and anybody else who might use our services.


Our Privacy Policy includes:

  • How we collect your data;
  • How we handle and reveal any data we get;
  • How we preserve personal information;
  • How you can access the personal information we retain about you;
  • How to make a lodge a complaint about a privacy violation under this policy; and
  • How we will deal with infringement of privacy objections.

Collecting personal information

We collect personal information for several reasons, however, the main purposes why we may gather personal information from you

  • To process purchases;
  • To enhance our site and client experience by getting feedback on our different products and services;
  • To help us responsibly selling our products;
  • To support in the formation and co-ordination of the newsletters and product announcement that we send from time to time;
  • So that we can interact with our clients, suppliers and other persons or companies that we do business with;
  • To run contests and advertisements; and
  • To create aggregated statistical information for marketing purposes.


We may retain personal information from you in many different ways, for instance:

  • When you buy or use any of our services or products;
  • When you sign up for Xpezia’s newsletter or other related publications;
  • When you demand information from us about our services;
  • If you participate in one of our contests or promotions; or
  • If you fill out any of our survey-questionnaires or marketing material.

Using your personal information

  • By using Xpezia website, buying any of our products our services, you allow us to keep your personal information:
  • We will be allowed to record that data and use it under this policy;
  • We may utilize that information to reach you about our products and services or to present you general information about us;
  • We may give your personal information to our technical service providers to operate the site; and
  • We may utilize the information we receive from you to improve our services, or to collect information for statistical or marketing review.


Personal data obtained by us for the above objects may be distributed internationally. Apart from the conditions set out above, unless demanded by law, we will not reveal any personal information we receive from you without your explicit consent.

Changing and accessing information

If you want to modify or update any of your personal data or you want to access the information we retain about you, please contact us, and we will provide you with it. We will try to respond to your application within 14 days. You may be required a fee for access to this piece of information.

Commercial Communications

Following the terms of this policy, we may talk to you to provide you information about support services and ongoing coaching, individual proposals, promotions, or other things that we think may be of your interest. We will not send any of your personal information to third party marketers without first asking for your consent. If you’re receiving messages from us and you no longer wish to get, please feel free to contact us and inform us that you want to unsubscribe.

How we secure your personal information

We will take the right measures to keep the data we collect about you secure and to stop unauthorized access to this data. However, we can’t give any guarantees about the security of your data, and we won’t be held responsible for any harm or loss that you may endure as a result of any unlawful access to your data.

Use of cookies

Cookies are bits of text that are carried into the memory of your device to save preferences, record session data, and collect information on how you visit and access our site. The usage of cookies can enhance the performance of your navigation of our Website and usually help in our journey to provide services to you most conveniently and promptly.

Credit related information

Xpezia may utilize personal data to evaluate your credit situation when you ask for some products. We might ask you for data about yourself and then ask a credit report from a credit-reporting agency. We will always tell you before we seek any credit report, and we will get one if you are under 18. The credit report may include data like your job history, past credit checks, any difficulties you’ve had paying money and whether those issues were fixed. Xpezia utilizes this information to evaluate whether we’re entering into an arrangement that is reasonable for both you and us. After you become a customer, we collect the critical bits of data from the credit report and our credit evaluation. We may proceed to use this data to manage credit and to ensure we’re offering and giving the right services to you. Xpezia doesn’t utilize credit-related information to create marketing lists. Sometimes, we might require a credit reporting agency to do that for us. You can ask the credit reporting agency not to utilize your information for these objects by getting in touch with them immediately. Xpezia works with customer service partners internationally. Where needed, we provide our partners with access to the credit information they want to help manage credit and services. You can get access to credit-related data we keep about you, ask us to change it, or report it, as defined elsewhere in this policy. If we agree that our documents need to be reviewed, and we’ve earlier unveiled that data to a credit reporting agency or another person, we will tell them about the revision too. You can ask the credit reporting companies not to disclose the data in their files if you think you are likely to be a victim of a scam.

Privacy complaints

If you think there is a rightful conflict between you and us regarding a violation of this Privacy Policy, you must first go through the following conflict resolution method before the initiation of any mediation or other legal actions:


  • You must provide us with notice in written, setting out full details of the issue;
  • To settle the conflict, we will negotiate and discuss with you to seek to settle the dispute. You must engage in the negotiations in good faith, and we will exercise all reasonable efforts to resolve the dispute;
  • If the conflict cannot be solved within a month of talks initiating, you may demand that the conflict be referred to arbitration upon giving a written undertaking to bear all expenses involved in the process.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We hold the right to alter, modify, or amend our Privacy Policy at any time by renewing this policy on our site or by other means without any other kind of notice. If we believe that any modification to our policy will substantially affect our clients, we will provide notification of the change(s) that have taken place.

Contact us

Please send all inquiries about this Privacy Policy, information concerning the maintenance of your personal data and complaints to Xpezia: via email to